Applied Economic Policy Evaluation (EC4030)

An advanced undergraduate course on the design, implementation and evaluation of various aspects of economic policy. I teach on the use of experimental economics to assess the design and functioning of environmental policies.
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Industrial Economics (EC3522)

An introduction to the field of industrial organization for advanced undergraduates. Taught bi-annually.
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Introduction to Energy Economics (BU5053)

An introduction to economics applied to energy policy and energy markets for postgraduates in engineering and geosciences.
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Economics of Energy Transition (BU555H)

New course for postgraduates.

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (ECNM11028)

An application of economic theory and methods to study environmental problems and environmental policy for postgraduates on the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics (SGPE). Co-taught with Nick Hanley (University of Glasgow), I teach on (i) economics of pollution control, (ii) growth, trade and environment, and (iii) environmental policy and technological change.
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Past Teaching

Undergraduate – Introductory Microeconomics, Advanced Microeconomics, Introductory Macroeconomics, Industrial Organisation, Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Public Finance (for law students)

Postgraduate Environmental Economics, Energy and Resource Economics, Economics of Regulation (for law students), Environmental Finance, Seminar on Environmental Economics, Seminar on Environmental Finance, Seminar on Energy Management